Run comparison node through each index of two lists

I’ve just started dealing with logic nodes now and have stubbed upon a problem. I have two lists of numbers and I want to compare each index of one list with the respective one on the other list with a Equal node. So, to be clearer, I don’t want to compare the lists as a whole, having as a result 0 or 1, I want to have each index compared (index0 of list A with index0 of list B and so on), so the result I’m expecting is a list of boolean results.



I’ve tried to combine both lists and map them using the equal node as the mapping function; connecting the lists directly to the equal node and I’ve tried to build sublists inside of each list for each index but it was all unsuccessful.





The question is: is it prossible(I really believe it is) to compare two lists and have as a result another list of boolean values? And if yes, can this list be fed into a If comparison as a test block?



Hope I made myself clear : )






David Dória

Wow, I really wouldn't think of that! Thanks, Andreas!

Hi David,

just use the formula node - it can process lists: