Is there a node that will work like the "and" node but at a level 2 of the list

I am trying to take two lists of Booleans and run the “and” not but the lists are on level 2 that i was to check if they are both true.

try this:

The first code block compares the 2 Lists. it gives true when a index of list1 equals the same index of list2.
Also when they are both false. but you dont want the false values, so you compare the compared list with list1 or list2 again to filter out the false values.
Hope this makes sence :slight_smile: Let me know if it helps

List.Transpose and List.Contains also work.

OK let me explain what i am trying to do in a little more depth, first i am pulling the mechanical families from a link file and from the local (they have been copy monitored) and i am trying to get them in the same list order so i can copy the parameters from the linked to the local. the issue is when i look at the geometry of the elements there are a few that overlap. i am trying to use both the intersect and the family name to make sure i am getting the right parameters. so far i can get very close but i need to be able to looked at the 2nd level of both list and only show the true for both list.

You want the && node, not the And node.

no the && and “And” neither one will do level 2 on the list.

i gave a solution in my 1st post. if you dont need to keep the level just flatten it.

you can’t just flatten it. its a list of true false and if you flatten it then you lose the how point of the graph.

so yours wasn’t the answer, i am pretty good with Dynamo this a a pretty complex thing i am trying to do. and i will tell you that flattening , the and and the && do not work

only to compare them. the result is in the last code block.

it needs to look through both list of list and only return true if both are true and it has to do it at level 2 like i said in the first post

When you flatten it it just give me a function error when running the list map

have a look here: Compare two unequal lists

its two equal list and both times i flatten it using the “And” and the && it give me a function error

Are you sure the && node won’t do list@level?

my “&&” doesn’t have a level 2 option

Are you on a pre 1.2 version of Dynamo? If so, you could try replication:


i am sure it would work at level 2
but for some reason i don’t have that option

Doing a test now, i replaces the && with a new one and now i have the levels