Run Action for all elements in list


First of all, I’m a new beginner and this is my “Hello world” procject.

I want to get the heigest height of a wall.

It works when I only select 1 wall, but when I want to select by catagory(all walls) it won’t work.



You might be better served by fetching the walls’ BoundingBox. That way you can skip the computationally heavy geometry operations:

While the problem you’ve mentioned can be resolved by changing the Lacing on some nodes

Here is an alternate approach (ver 1.0)

Thank you for the fast answer.

BoundingBox is not exactly what I’m looking for. I can get this to work when i e.g. attach the wall to roof.

VIKRAM’s solutino is the right one.

But my problem is to get the z value in the list to the right wall element.

e.g.: Wall(parameter) element 1 will get z valu from 1. point in the list

Wall(paramenter) element 2 will get z valu from 2. point in the list

Dimitar’s lower group of nodes will work just as well.

However, since by default Walls do not have a ‘Dynamo Z’ parameter, I’ve assigned the values to the Comments parameter

Yes thats right, Dimitar’s lower group dos the work just as well.

Thank you Virkam and Dimitar.

It did’t work at the first. I have put a List.flatten between List.MasimumItem and Code Block. Don’t know if this is the right way, but it works now.


Thank you