Editing Wall Heights per Level

I am looking to edit all unconnected wall heights on a by level basis. I have managed to do it, but only by calling out the “Unconnected Height” parameter for all Elements on a Level. If at all possible, I would like to further filter this so that it only applies to Walls. I know it is probably not necessary, but you never know if someone creates a family with a Parameter “Unconnected Height”. I have attempted to use a list.create node and flatten node to compile the elements into 1 list. Now how do extract the walls from that list for use as an element (Not a variable). wallelements by level

Hi Dennis,

Below is the screenshot of different walls which has parameter “Unconnected Height” on a level. By using Elements.FilterByName you can filter which wall type you need to change the height. Hope it helps!



would you be willing to share the images you attached? thanks.

Hi @Scott.Hawryluk

Could you please start a new thread and link this topic as reference. I will post image there. Thanks!

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thanks for the reply i was able to get it to work.