Run a script dynamo for different lists

I’m having issue with my script.
The script runs only for the first list, i needed it to run with the first list then the second, the third etc…
I don’t want to copy paste the script because i have 20 parameter to enter

Is there a way to create a loop so that the script can be executed on the lists in order ?

Thank you

Use a python node and write a for loop.

With the python node , the script run for the first list and then start the next one ?

I’m still a beginner in dynamo so proceed with python will be complex for me is there another solution with dynamo

i tried to copy paste the whole script and filter the elements with one value of a parameter but i couldn’t because i have 20 different values to put in :confused:

Maybe try using wait nodes then. So dynamo waits for the first bit to run before it runs the 2nd bit etc.

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No need to write Python or copy sets of nodes (although a custom node might help some). You just need to handle your lists.

Look into list lacing and list levels. Video five and six in this playlist should get you started: Dynamo Office Hours - YouTube


thank you for your help

it’s a list level issue , what i need to do is to seperate this 2 lists and find a way to make the script run on the first list and then the second

How can i do this ?

Thank you

Get list [0] and list [1]…

You can use the get item at index node.

Then you can get list [0] to run first then list [1]

You can also use a codeblock to get your indexes:

Thank you !!

is there a node like passthrough but i can link more than 2 lists in it because i have like 8 different lists :smiley:

I managed to get the tags only on the first list :confused:

You need to use more than 1 passthrough node.

Get list 8 to wait for list 7
Get list 7 to wait for list 6

Get list 2 to wait for list 1

As for the next bit… I don’t know what your data is.

But i[0] should give you your first list and i[1] should give the second list which is what you asked for?

Thank you form your help, what i showed you is juste the dirst part of the script and i tried your method but it didn’t work :confused:

Here the images of the rest of the script and the script !
script Tag.dyn (563.2 KB)