Running multiple nodes for each item in a list

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to create some kind of a loop that will allow dynamo to take every item in a list and run couple of nodes. The example shown below is setting each duct to offset of 5’. What i want to do is to move the first duct then show a window for the user to proceed to the next duct and then show another window and so forth.

Is there any way I could run these nodes n times, where n is the length of the list of elements?


Here is a recent thread addressing how you might run a script one item at a time for a list of elements:

Edit to add: I’d imagine you’d want to wrap the pop up dialog into the custom node if you try that solution

Thanks so much @awilliams for sharing. It’s working perfectly now. I created a custom node that contains all the nodes (Set parameter + Data-shape ) and I used the “set level” for the input.


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