Run script independently on each list in list of lists

I have a complex script that only works on single list of items, a group of conduits. I want to be able to pass multiple groups of conduits as a list of lists and have the script run on each group separate from the others.

I’ve tried changing the script, messing with lacing etc. but cross-product lacing and numerous other nodes have turned this in to a nightmare.

Is it possible to turn this script into a node and have it treat each list independently?

Currently I’m about to brute force this and copy+paste inside the script n times and separate the list of lists into n lists but obviously this is an undesirable solution.

Hi @JasonCEC ,

Could you maybe share some screenshots and files so we can take a look?
Most of the problems you are describing can be easily fixed by using list levels and lacing, (and in some special situations with Custom Nodes).

It looks like I may have posted too soon, turning the entire script into a node and then feeding in the list of lists to the node with list level set to @L2 worked like a charm.