Loop for Structural Analysis (Dynamo + Autodesk ROBOT)

Hello All!
I am fairly new to Dynamo and its Autodesk Robot structural plug in (the one developed by Emmanuel Weyermann). I have set up a Dynamo definition of a simple shell box, with 4 point-supports, and send this data to the node “Analysis.Calculate” (of the Structural Analysis Dynamo Library).

Now, the next step – Once the calculation is done, I am trying to generate a loop in the routine, so that it can diminish the height of the box, by comparing the values obtained at the node “NodeReactions.GetValues “. How is the best way to implement this loop?

I have tried using the node “LoopWhile” of the Dynamo current library, with no luck.
Should I think about using python so to implement this Loop? Any comment will be more than welcome!

I am attaching the dyn file and a screen shoot of this, for reference (at the moment is exporting data from excel too, maybe that could also be an option for thinking on how to implement this)

Many thanks again!


Hi Maria
I think your best bet for what you’re after is to look into the Optimo-package.