Rough Opening Geomtry of Doors and Windows

I am trying to update openings in a structurla model based on openings in the architectural model.

Here are a few of my goals:

  1. I want to read values from the linked model, and write them into my model.
  2. Structural openings (i.e.g copy / monitor) will not work because I need to tag values in plan.
  3. The defined values in the door families from the architects is incorrect. I do not want to read these values.

In short, what I really want to do, is read the actualy rough opening of the door element, but there are many ways which this could be modeled. The most obvious method is the opening command in the door family. More subtle methods could be a void, or even an imported void.

I cannot read certain parameters from the linked file. Rough Width and Height cannot be read.

How can I read what is in essence the void geometry?

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Hi Jesper,

You might have to options without python:

  1. Copy / Monitor the openings if have a “smart” openining is not necessary.
  2. Use linked models, which is what i do for technical openings.

The second option can be tedious. You first have to match openings, make comparisons, and then adjust model elements. Chaning the position of hosted elements is not at all straigtforward, at least from where I left off with the task.