Impossible to rotate pipe?

Hi Dynamopeople !

I can’t rotate the pipes i have selected, indeed, it says it’s Revit.Element.Element and the node SetRotation won’t work coz it attends Revit.Element.FamilyInstance …

I tried converting theses Element to Family Instance but it seems that as it’s Pipes (original family from Revit), it won’t work.

Did anyone already have this problem ? thanks for your precious help


What is the error messages?
Does it work if you only select one pipe?
Becuase I think that you feed the “Line.ByStartopoint” with a list when it only wants one input.

Points like walls are line based objects. As such I think you would want to get their location, rotate that line, and set the new location.

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Thanks you all for your responses,

Joakim, the nodes error said it needed a Revit.Element.FamilyInstance and I call it with a Revit.Element.Element.

Jacob, it did work, you have all my thanks :slight_smile:

Best Regards