Rotating Circles around their own Origin after querying XY vs. XZ vs. YZ

Hello all, I’m part way through considering a new approach to how I’ve created my ‘Atmos.SlattedFacade’ node so that it will interact with any kind of surface. So far my test cases are as is showcased in the image below: DynamoForumQuery_CircleOrientation What I’m asking is the following: How can I query the orientation or normals of these circles (I’ll also be adding in sloped variants most likely) then rotate them 90° around their own self-origin?

They will eventually be lofted along a path to boolean out geometry. The file (Apologies for how rough it is - it’s a total work in progress) is attached: Curvaceous Facade Take 3 [Revit 2015 and Dynamo 0.9.0]

Did you already try with the obvious “Curve.Normal” node? :}DynamoSandbox_2016-04-14_21-36-22

This approach might work …


I’ll check those out, thanks Gents! I’m pretty sure I searched ‘normal’ in the bar and had a play with most of those to no avail… but I’m a noob who doesn’t understand vectors as well as I should :smiley: