CoordinateSystems or Plane rotation/Translation

Hello all, Still not quite wrapped my head around the manipulation of Coordinate Systems and/or Sketch Planes. In the following example, I want to rotate the ‘circles’ 90° so that they are facing each other. Any ideas on how to do so? They will eventually be sweeped to create a series of random tubes that I’ll boolean out of a solid.

Note that the ‘face’ object can be totally random within the world coordinate system in Revit.


You might save yourself some trouble by skipping the edge extraction and instead create some CS directly on the surface with “Surface.CoordinateSystemAtParameter” (The Z axis should be aligned with the surface normal) and then extract that CS’s XY plane. For example:

Ah good shout Dimitar, I’ll look into that instead. Thanks!

Got it working! Thanks dude.

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