How do i rotate any geometry around itself?

how do I rotate geometry around itself I can’t find any node that gives me the origin point of that particular piece of geometry because of that I am unable to use the rotate node. it is something so basic there must be a way to get origin point of any geometry but I can’t find it. all I have found is a way to get the location of an element but I am dealing with geometry so I can’t use get element location for geometry, I just want to be able to rotate geometry around itself when it is not at 000 without having to calculate that point of origin for that geometry manually. I also tried using the other method which requires base plane as input but I also don’t know how to get base plane of geometry, this is becoming very frustrating.

Add a new coordinate system. :slight_smile:
Here you can see it in action

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I watched the video you linked but that person is working with curves, i am not. i have converted a modeled element into geometry and i need to rotate that geometry which i have imported from Revit as an element. Can you please help i am a beginner can you explain in a little more detail as to how i can use coordinate system with a geometry input to be able to get the origin point so i can rotate any geometry around it self. Thank you for replying please help if you can. i just want to rotate a geometry around its own origin.

is the “Element.Location” node the node you are looking for?

no, i am aware of that node, i have converted my element to geometry. now the problem is that i can’t rotate a geometry around itself because i don’t always know where its origin point is. if the geometry is at 000 then i can rotate it around it self because i know the origin point. but what if i don’t know the origin of a geometry? how do i rotate something around itself then without the origin point? i wanted to try the rotate using base plane method but i also don’t know how to create a base plan from a geometry. i can’t find any node for getting location of a geometry either i am aware of element location but it only works for elements not geometry. i just want to rotate a geometry around it self no matter where it is.

Maybe you could use the surfaces of that geometry, but i have never done something like this before.

From the geometry get the outline curves, from the curves get your rotation point -end point, start point, or point at parameter) , from the rotation point you create the new CS, from there rotate your geometry…

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i can’t someone modeled it for me, i am just trying to rotate a stud which is in the Revit file, so far haven’t found a way to rotate without knowing the coordinates of that geometry which is not always possible. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Sorry a basic question how do i get the outline curves from a geometry? and i haven’t understood the logic behind coordinate system any document that explains what are these coordinate systems? isn’t there any ready made node which takes geometry and degrees as input and let’s me rotate it around itself without going into so much hassle for just being able to rotate something?

Rotating Dynamo (imported geometry) geometry won’t rotate your Revit geometry, as you have an import its no longer Revit geometry.
So you want to rotate a Family in Revit ?


Why are you converting the Element to Geometry? If you use the family you can use the “Element.facing…” (dont have dynamo open, dont know the exact name) node to see the rotation value and then use the setrotation node as input.

so the story is that an architect modeled a stud for me i have just selected that stud using select element node and converted into geometry i am trying to rotate it. the rotate node is working perfectly in Revit and Dynamo but when i rotate the geometry after it has been moved it rotates somewhere else which also changes my location of the stud which i don’t want. i understand that i need the center of that geometry as input for the origin for the rotate node but i don’t know the center of the moved stud because i moved it. i am now able to calculate the center because i know by how much i have moved it but i can’t know it always once the program i am making becomes too complex.

Do you move the stud by hand or through Dynamo? And could you maybe share some reference files from Revit and Dynamo? I am trying to understand what you are trying to achieve.

because the element is not a family instance it is something custom modeled and is not a part of a family it is just a manually modeled stud nothing complex just a simple c stud.

i will tomorrow, hopefully you will be around. i am just trying to rotate a stud around itself nothing complex. i am moving it through dynamo geometry translate node.

I’ll keep a watch on the forum :slight_smile:

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thanks a lot @Daan .

so i am just trying to rotate that stud around itself so i have been able to do so as long as i can calculate the origin of it but that always won’t be possible. so i at the very list need something that can calculate the origin of that stud so i can rotate it around itself without having to manually calculate the origin. as you can see in the image it does rotate but somewhere else because of the wrong origin input.

Could you share your script progress and your corresponding Revit file?