Rotate train section according to railway lines

Hello guys,

I have to check if train has any conflicts with environment. I created an adaptive family which is crosssection of train and I have 3 lines. How can I arrange it so as to rotate cross section like in screenshots?

Lichtraumprofil_GC.rfa (372 KB)

maybe nest it in another adaptive family

Hi Marcel,

thank you for your answer. In last screenshot I tried it but when I try to assign a parameter in order to pass height difference, it can’t rotate it. If I nest the family in new family file with two new adaptive points will be it get a form across a path?

Pyramyd with Repeaters on Diagonals.rfa (940 KB)
Take a close look at the repeater family in this file.
Maybe you"ll get some new ideas.

Thank you for sharing it but I can’t open it. I use Revit 2019.

I placed the nested family on two points but this time I can’t create the form :S

nested Lichtraumprofil.rfa (504 KB)

Edit: slight improvements
nested Lichtraumprofil.rfa (640 KB)

Thank you Marcel, but it won’t work when the angle is greater than 90. I placed family on two points and it seems like it works but something is weird… Did I do everything right?

Is it possible maybe because of section in Revit? Do I have to create with model curve with node “SectionElevation” from Bridge Package?

The problem was about profile. It was safe bigger, so on two adaptive points it works!
Thank you very much for your help Marcel!