How to make non-rotation families with adaptive points

Hi, All.
I once created a topic about the rotation of adaptive components.

and this is my graph

However, the created families are rotated to the linear center axis.

I think the problem is in the way I make the family.

I created three points on the plane and converted them to reference points.

And Loads CAD files and drew profiles by pick line.

I connected the reference points to the spline, and selected the profiles together to form them.

I thought this was over, but when I drag and move points,
It rotates.

I refer to these two articles, but I could not find a way.

Sorry, but I do not have anyone around me doing revit and dynamo.
The only place I could get any information fot Revit are YouTube and here.

Please, let me know a little clue.
How do I fix my family? How to make a family?

T1001753P20라이닝.rfa (644 KB)

The bulk of these questions are really Revit questions not Dynamo ones. Consider creating a post on a Revit forum, including one of the families, a project containing a relevant path section (say one of the sections which flip orientation), and any additional info you need to recreate the issue. Just the RFA isn’t enough.