Rotate section view, created by boundingbox, in multiple directions

Goodday Dynamo users,

I’m currently trying to generate section views by input coordinates which doeswork.
Afterwards i try to rotate those views by using a python script.

When i use the node select model element the used python script works.

But when i use the node SectionView.ByBoundingBox it crashes.

Any ideas on how to solve this?

Thanks in advance!

It is because of loop the elements node.

You should add a loop in transaction begin. Like that:
For e in section:

I can give you that tip, so you can do it by yourself and learn more.

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@Deniz_Maral Thanks, but i think i found the origin of the error.

The view created by the boundingbox is not visible in the active view.
i use: Revit.Application.Document.Current.ActiveView in python to create a boundingbox from the active view.

Now i’ve come to the conclusion that the created section view is not visible in any other view.
So there is no active view which i can use to create a bounding box.

Any ideas to work around that one?

What I read from error message, it is a looping error. Can you pass the first element of SectionView.ByBB vie x[0] codeblock?

@Deniz_Maral Like this?

Like that, I meant:


Then connect it to IN[0]

Hi Do we have any update on this?


You can rotate a section view like this :

Rotation section

That’s a 2 dimensional rotation. the intention of the script was to create a section view by coordinates (based on 3D elements). I gave up at that point maybe someone else found out how to do it.

Thanks @Alban_de_Chasteigner , and your package is really very good!

However, I tried this and the issue I am facing is - I’m creating multiple sections along a 3rd degree curve inside a section view for sloping water submerged tunnel.
And if I am using your node there, (imagine section in section view), so the section is disappearing.

I hope I was able to articulate myself. It would be great if you can help me.