Rotate multiple family elements on a horizontal family

I wanted to rotate multiple Voids. (pic 1)

The problem is that the Family is horisontal.
So when i use the “Family.instancesetrotation” node, it rotates on the wrong plane.

Here is the script:

how can i solve this?

if your problem just in direction. just multiply the vale from the slider with -1 to get negative angle values so it will rotate in the inverse direction

the direction is not the problem.
its the way it rotates.
please that a look at the photo below.

I want the object to rotate in the blue axis.
its currently rotating at the red/green axis
rotation direction

hi patrick,

Try using this, from GeniusLoci
If this doesn’t work, then we’ll try to manupulate the element’s own coordinate system and then will transpose it and then I hope it will work (change the axis.