RoomSeparator.FromCurve Inputs


I am trying to use the Clockwork RoomSeparator.FromCurve. I cannot figure out what it wants for the inputs. I ahve tried several combinations in the sketchplane input and they all generate errors.

Also, I cannot figure out how to post an image here. (Frustrating). So here is a link:


Hey Paul, to upload an image or dyn file use the button with the up arrow! As far as your error goes you need to pipe in the current document into the view. There are a few custom nodes that do it all in one node to simply things. good luck!

Hi Danny:

Thanks for the reply. Up arrow, well I suppose I should have figured that out… I was looking for the usual image icon. Thanks. So I tried an active document node, but the error seems to be about the sketchplane (at least i think).


Paul I think the issue is you need to feed it dynamo curves not model curves. Not sure what is to the left of the geometry.explode node but try going directly from that into the room separator node.

Hi Danny:
I removed the ModelCurve.ByCurve and added a Flatten after Geometery.Explode and used the View selection node, and it worked.

Thanks for the help!

@Paul_Aubin You can also paste an image here with Ctrl+v if your browser supports it (like Chrome).

Cool. I suppose I should have tried that…