Clockwork Create Room Separtor

I’m trying to convert linework in the view to Room Separator lines.

I’m using Clockwork latest with dynamo 7.5.

This is the example I was trying to follow

I don’t think I have the plane set correctly, I think is the problem?



I am not at my Computer now and don’t know clockwork by heart but you might to have to convert elements to modelcurves


Yea that could be it. In the his example he has Geometry Curve by Model Curve but I could only find the reverse.

The example was an old version so what should I be using now?


Try ModelCurve.ByCurve

Selecting it seems to work with “Element.Curves” or Element.Curves–>ModelCurveByCurve

Issue is this SketchPlane. I should be able to get the active view SketchPlane but it’s coming up as Null.

K I got the Plan, view and Curves, but still no result…


Hello Matt Fleming,

Can you try adding Flatten node in between Model Curve and Room Separator Node.

So Pass the output of Model Curves to Flatten node and then pass it to Room Separator Node.




Inside the Python Script it looks like it’s already flatting in, but for good measure I added another.

There is a note relating to possibly having to start a Transaction when I hover over “RoomSeparator.FromCurve” in the Clockwork Package.

Would this be causing it?


Anyone have any suggestions I’m at lose.


Hi Matt,

You need to feed in geometry curves( the standard dynamo curves). The easiest way to extract them is either the “Element.Geometry” or “Element.Curves” nodes. Usually they’ll give you a chopped list, so ideally, you’d want to add a “Flatten” node after it.


That work great, Thank you!


So what exactly is the Flattening node (Turn Into List) inside RoomSeparator.FromCurve doing?

I figured this was doing the flattening but it must be doing something else I guess.



turn into list is not flattening. if you feed a single element into the node it is converted into a list.

when you feed a list into “list create” the result is a nested list.

hence you will have to flatten it.


Thanks for that Peter, making more sense to me now.

Matt, Turn Into List basically guarantees that whatever you put into it, you will receive a flattened list as the output, so the input can be a single item, a flat list or a nested list - the output is always a flat list. I use this node for making sure my Python nodes always receive flat lists of stuff.