I am trying to create room separator from model lines, I put a graph together like below, then received warning, Anyone has an idea?

Hello, Hello, to dig on this side maybe


Play with List levels and Flattened Lists, or try it one Level at the time.
Taking into account having only the Lines that belong on that Level.
Then complicate it

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I’m guessing that your lines must be on the sketch plane.

There is 100% certainty that the line element N doesn’t lay on the same plane as level N.


I tried one floor with lines on it, but still doesnt work :upside_down_face:

Have to also consider curved lines, so this wouldnt work

What does the warning say?

Here is screenshot for Error, It doesnt really pin point the problem,thanks for your help

Hi @bonnie_zhang these element lines need to be curve, so try element curve and probably needs to be grouped for loops try archilabs groupe curves

Add an Element.Geometry node after the All Elements Of Category node so that you have geometry instead of Revit lines.

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yes :wink: and play around with some list level lacing in that case, with many views and levels

Thanks Jacob, this kinds of solved the warning, but it did not get succeed to generate room separation line, it returns as null. Any other ideas? I tried flattening the list, but seems no help

Check if the lines are really located on the same height/Z as the plane. Otherwise the node will bug out. I should really make that node a little easier and safer…
Also, if you are passing a single view, don’t pass it in a list, but rather as a singleton. Same goes for the sketch plane. And passing 1 view means also passing just 1 sketch plane.


i think there is a node called FirstItem that wil create the singleton.

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Hi Andreas, It is located on same height, but not working :upside_down_face:, So sad, any chance you like to create another easy node to use?

I can confirm the node works fine as is; you just have to modify your collection.

As a start, filter out any lines which aren’t on the sketch plane. Also, pull that sketch plane from the view itself instead of all the levels.

If you aren’t sure how, post your dataset and someone in the community will likely have a look.

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hello, here is an example with arcs creating rooms when there are no walls.

There is a process of elimination (not necessarily very optimized) concentrate on the request of the node.
I forgot to mount the starting point