I’m trying to get all rooms and see if they are enclosed or not and if they have any other problems in order to fix them and then move on with the occupancy load. I’m stuck at the very beginning. I would like to check which room requires attention but with Lunchbox room Element Collector I can’t get ALL the rooms but only the ones without errors. I tryed also Get room by level but I don’t know which parameter to connect to ExcludeUnplaced? Code (“Yes”; or “No”;), False for all (Booleans)/True for all (Booleans) don’t work. Any advice?Test_Room

easy way is to check if area !=0

Here are two approaches of obtaining filtered lists of rooms using packages and Clockwork:


Sorry I notice now that the second image cannot be opened. Peter the problem is that the rooms “Not enclosed” are not even in the list. So I can’t check if area is =zero.

Andrew, thank you for explaining how that node works.



Andrew, the first method you are showing is not working with me. Do you know why?

But the second way is perfect.

Now how can I get the warning message from rooms that are causing problem? Is there a node to check if there is a warning related to an element and then report that warning message?



Konrad created a workflow for parsing Revit warnings a while ago:

Thanks a lot!