LunchBox Room Element Collector & Level Names

I am finding that my Room Element Collector node is returning random null values for Level Name. By random I mean that different rooms return nulls in different runs - all else being equal. This is in Revit 2016 - Dynamo 1.0.0 - LunchBox 2015.11.28. I have tried this with an out-of-the-box Revit sample project to try and rule out problems with my levels. I got the same results. Does anyone have a thought?

Also, with the upgrade to 1.0.0 I find the package does not show in my library even though the package manager shows it as installed. Is this a temporary wrinkle with the upgrade or should I be doing something to get it back?

Thanks as always,


Hi Bill,

Try “Room Element Collector” from Rhythm package. See if it works or else just uninstall all the custom node package and install only Lunch Box Package. Good Luck!

For the updates, this should be a temporary wrinkle. All of the package developers are undoubtedly prepping their newest versions now. Rhythm works in 1.0 for the most part. I plan on having a new version next week with some new updates.

If all else fails, you can go full native on those pesky rooms: