Archi-Labs Elements in Room Node Outputs Null

Hi Everyone,
I have been having issues with the Elements in Room and Get Rooms by Level nodes from the Archi-labs package and was wondering if anyone has insight on what I’m doing wrong.

Currently running Dynamo 1.2, and Archi-lab package 2016.12.10. I uninstalled all other packages and strictly reinstalled this package alone and is still encountering null issues.

What I am ultimately trying to do is obtain all the furnitures assigned to actual rooms, and then report a quantity of these furniture onto a spreadsheet. Later on as I further develop this script, I’d incorporate categories outside of the Furniture category, but right now, I’m getting the basic function down first.

Any thoughts would help!

This should do it.

Thanks for the alternative John!
I’m still encountering null issues…I have a feeling this is beyond just the packages because the Rhythm node is also reporting nulls in my script:

Looks like out of the box nodes are functioning properly though, so it may be a an issue with my packages. Any thoughts?

What version of Revit? And are the rooms a different phase than the furniture? Also, are you able to collect rooms with OOTB nodes?

I’m running Revit 2017.1, but this issue is occuring all the way back to Revit 2015. I tried tinkering around with the nodes initially in 2015, but ran into this issue and tried upgrading to 2017.1 and seeing if that helped, but that didn’t change anything.

Phasing is all set to New Construction for the room, and furniture. Room calculation points for the furniture are also set correctly as well.

Not sure about the last question – collect rooms as in get them into a list? Yes, but not sure if i’m going the right way with what you’re asking:

Is there an OOTB method to associate the furniture with the room list?

Update: Did a full uninstall and reinstall of IronPython and Dynamo, and reinstalled and everything seems to be functioning. My thinking is that my IronPython install might be broken. This seems to be working now. Thanks!

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