Rooms Floor and Reflected Plans


Can anybody help me with the following:
1- I have a list of rooms.
2- I need to create for each room (Floor Plan / Reflected Ceiling Plan).
3- the generated views should be cropped around the room with a given distance.

I used similar python scripts, but it did not gave me the required result.
It would be nice to have separated scripts, one for floor plans & the other for reflected ceiling plans.


Have you tried this?

Hi Gui Talarico,

It is awesome script to create view by room in live model. But it doesn’t work on the link model as i have been trying to create RCP thru link model. I have an issue with the getting room parameter of LevelID , and error comes out in the script in line 84 The Elementid Levelid whis is not corresponding to the level.
Please advise.