Create Views from room via Linked file (Planviews and 3D views)



I’m quit new I the Dynamo world, so Python script I’m not so familiar with.

I have tryed making Plan views and 3D views for rooms and that worked perfectly, then I try to extend so I take rooms from linked files. I can create floorplans of the room but I can’t make the 3D view when I have linked files. Can any for you guys help? Faturmore i could be nice to be able to filter only some rooms ( in this case room with the parameter “Bc_Function_Nummer” that starts with “F001”.

On future terms, I would like to add a viewtemplate and put the views on sheets.


Dynamo 2


What is the code necessary for create plan views node?


I see there is a FloorPlan.ByRoom Node in the Archi-lab_Grimshaw Package…



I am not able to see FloorPlan.ByRoom node in Archi-lab package.
Any idea where can i find that node?