Dividing Occupancy Areas by Occupancy Load Factor

I need some assistance taking occupancy areas from an area plan and dividing them by their respective occupancy load factor. Right now, I have to enter this information manually or through BIM Link. There are parameters set up but they are all instance parameters in the area family. In Revit, you can’t edit the system Area family to divide the area of the boundary with a certain number. Is there a way to do that in Dynamo? Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thx

It is possible to do the occupancy calculations in Revit using a key schedule to assign the occupancy values. Since it is a key schedule you will be able to assign the use group and the occupancy load factor with one drop down click. The values from the key schedule can then be used to calculate the number of occupants in a space for use in a schedule view on in the project. No Dynamo needed for that.

If you need to show the values in tags you will need to set up a shared parameter and tag first. Then you can redo the math in Dynamo and use an Element.SetParameterByName node to assign the value. You may be able to pull the math from the previously created schedule as well with an Element.GetParameterByName but I haven’t tested that.

I do not reccomend using Dynamo to set the load factors or occupancy type as it is too easy to miss apply the load factor numbers or for someone to type ‘Asemby’ instead of ‘assembly’ and your script won’t know what to assign.

Thanks for the help. Unfortunately we do have to tag these values. Please see the attached images for the Dynamo script I wrote. I have the math calculated, I just need to get the numbers back into Revit. Not sure how to do that. I need the numbers after the division to replace the “Occ Load” values (blue arrow).

Try an Element.SetParameterByName with the results of the ‘all elements of category’ as your elements, the string ‘Occ Value’ as the parameter name, and your calculated values as the values.

Got it figured out. Thanks again!