Room Occupancy Load Calculation using Dynamo

<span style=“color: #3e454c;” data-reactid=".5q.$mid=11411494221673=2e9aa58dbd13dfcb739.2:$text0:0:$0:0">Hi guys!</span><br style=“color: #3e454c;” data-reactid=".5q.$mid=11411494221673=2e9aa58dbd13dfcb739.2:$text0:0:$1:0" /><br style=“color: #3e454c;” data-reactid=".5q.$mid=11411494221673=2e9aa58dbd13dfcb739.2:$text0:0:$7:0" /><span style=“color: #3e454c;” data-reactid=".5q.$mid=11411494221673=2e9aa58dbd13dfcb739.2:$text0:0:$8:0">Actually I watched a video for Konrad Sobon</span><br style=“color: #3e454c;” data-reactid=".5q.$mid=11411494221673=2e9aa58dbd13dfcb739.2:$text0:0:$9:0" /><br style=“color: #3e454c;” data-reactid=".5q.$mid=11411494221673=2e9aa58dbd13dfcb739.2:$text0:0:$11:0" /><span style=“color: #3e454c;” data-reactid=".5q.$mid=11411494221673=2e9aa58dbd13dfcb739.2:$text0:0:$12:0">He discussed how he could do a room occupancy load tag/definition using Dynamo. [Here: </span><span style=“color: #3e454c;” data-reactid=".5q.$mid=11411494221673=2e9aa58dbd13dfcb739.2:$end:0:$0:0">]</span><br style=“color: #3e454c;” data-reactid=".5q.$mid=11411494221673=2e9aa58dbd13dfcb739.2:$end:0:$1:0" /><br style=“color: #3e454c;” data-reactid=".5q.$mid=11411494221673=2e9aa58dbd13dfcb739.2:$end:0:$5:0" /><span style=“color: #3e454c;” data-reactid=".5q.$mid=11411494221673=2e9aa58dbd13dfcb739.2:$end:0:$6:0">I’m such a beginner with Dynamo, Bu I could make the definition exactly like what I saw in the video; But unfortunately it never works!</span><br style=“color: #3e454c;” data-reactid=".5q.$mid=11411494221673=2e9aa58dbd13dfcb739.2:$end:0:$7:0" /><br style=“color: #3e454c;” data-reactid=".5q.$mid=11411494221673=2e9aa58dbd13dfcb739.2:$end:0:$13:0" /><span style=“color: #3e454c;” data-reactid=".5q.$mid=11411494221673=2e9aa58dbd13dfcb739.2:$end:0:$14:0">Please if you can help me in this. then it would be great!</span><br style=“color: #3e454c;” data-reactid=".5q.$mid=11411494221673=2e9aa58dbd13dfcb739.2:$end:0:$15:0" /><br style=“color: #3e454c;” data-reactid=".5q.$mid=11411494221673=2e9aa58dbd13dfcb739.2:$end:0:$17:0" /><span style=“color: #3e454c;” data-reactid=".5q.$mid=11411494221673=2e9aa58dbd13dfcb739.2:$end:0:$18:0">Thanks a lot!</span>

<br style=“color: #3e454c;” data-reactid=".5q.$mid=11411494221673=2e9aa58dbd13dfcb739.2:$end:0:$19:0" /><span style=“color: #3e454c;” data-reactid=".5q.$mid=11411494221673=2e9aa58dbd13dfcb739.2:$end:0:$20:0">Ahmad</span>

I don’t know why my post looks like that.

Here is what I was saying …

Hi guys!

Actually I watched a video for Konrad Sobon He discussed how he could do a room occupancy load tag/code using Dynamo. [Here:]

I watched the video more than one time. and I could make the definition exactly like what he made; But unfortunately it never works.

Please if you can help me in this. then it would be great!

Thanks a lot. Ahmad

Ahmed, you will have to give me a little bit more information if i am going to be able to help you. What errors are you encountering in what nodes. I also think that a lot has changed since i made that post/video so I am not even sure how you would go about it with the new Dynamo Version. I might have to look at it again. Anyways, can you post files and be a little bit more specific? Thank you,

Hello Konrad. Thanks so much for your reply. And I’m sorry for being too late!
Also I apologize for my long reply. You can leave it until you be free for it.

Here is what I’ve done in a few steps:

  1. I've created a very simple Revit file. Exactly like yours.
  2. Then; I've created "Rooms". with random numbering. And gave a "room tag" for them[I'm not sure if you were using Area Plans no Rooms].
  3. After that I've created the Dynamo file. Like what I saw in your video. [I'm still beginner in Dynamo. So I don't understand many of the nodes so far. But I'm trying].
Now; My problems are:
  1. The first node[Get from list]; It actually doesn't read anything from my Rooms list. It gives me this error (Unable to cast object of type 'Number' to type 'List'.). And this problem keep repeating with all of the other [Get from list] nodes.
  2. Also; I don't know if you customized a specific "Room tag" or "Area tag" to do this "Room occupancy" calculations. [Because I can't figure out which parameters you've created so that it can get the data from Dynamo back to the Revit room/area tag]
  3. The node [Python Script] the first one. Gives me a "Zero" value; from the rooms list.

I’m attaching the Revit File [occ_test]; and the Dynamo file [Room_Occupancy] for your review.


Thank you,