CAD polylines to separation lines

Hello !

I’m trying to create room separation lines from a CAD drawing. I’m using some BimorphNodes to get the cad lines into Dynamo and Revit, but I didn’t get to work the Clockwork node “RoomSeparator.FromCurve”.

Has anyone worked with this node ?

Thanks for your help !


What is the error message?

it gives me this message:

Warning: __ func_c68c079965c342f4b8ba93a248013d35 waits for the argument type (s) (Curve, SketchPlane, var ), but has been called with (Revit.Elements.ModelCurve , Revit.Elements.Level, Revit.Elements.Views .FloorPlanView).

so I guess, i m not “feeding” the right things into the node

You can try this:

Don’t know if passing a level instead of an actual sketch plane will work either.

Edit: You do need to provide an actual Sketch Plane:

Thanks a lot for the advice, it worked !

For the plane I came up with a slightly different solution. Understanding your graph I could do without all the BimorphNodes stuff in the beginning.

CADPolylignesVersLignesREVIT.dyn (24.2 KB)