Room name+number by linked file inside plumbin fixture

observing this presentation I’d like to understant and reply if it is possible to populate in the MEP file some information coming out from a linked ARC file by using REvit 2019 and Dynamo

I’m trying to get the information from linked file (architectural) in order to write a dedicated plumbing fixture schedule in the end.
The Archilab node: “elements in room” shows me an error: File “string”, line 68, in AttributeError: ‘List[object]’ has no attribute 'area’

Can you help me to find a solution for mentioned above error?
thanks in advance.

try a flatten node after you collected your rooms or use list@level

Probably there are some unbounded rooms in linked file. You need to remove them or filter them out from a list.

i controlled by master file…and there are no room with 0sq area or with unbounded condition. Have you any other suggestion?