Room "object has no attribute area"

Hi All,

I’m working on a large apartment scheme with various flat types ‘grouped’.

In a separate file I have the external and flat bounding walls.I wish to use this file to create my area schedule, with the rooms reading the name of the group from the linked file and updating their name automatically.

Groups seems slightly obscure, in that they are an element rather than a category, so most nodes for linked files aren’t suitable.

I can happily use to get groups to update by room in the same file.

Unfortunately getting these from a linked file seems to fail, no matter what I try (I currently have 30 tabs open in Chrome).

Python seems the easiest method ( works great for groups in a model), but I don’t have the coding knowledge to do the same for a link.

‘Elements from Linked File in Room’ should work (not that I’m to worried about it being in a room, but it’s one of the few nodes to use elements and not categories from a linked file) however, strangely, it isn’t returning groups in the linked file (I know that it has done for other people).

If I copy and paste the python script into the headline graph, I get the error message

rooms =
for i in IN[1]:
if UnwrapElement(i).Area > 0:

It seems strange to me that room areas would fail…!

Would anyone be so kind as to help me out?

Thanks a lot,


Hi @Mark.Ackerley

Is your group elements in linked file? It would be better if you can drop your files in dropbox or google drive and share the link here?

Hi Kulkul,

Thanks, yes they are.

Here’s a wetransfer if that’s ok?



Here’s the dyn with the funny coding error…