Room intersect, item info

hello, I am trying to create a graph that checks all my 3D room to see what items intersect (are in them and the extract info from those items by parameter name. But I am getting nowhere. Right now when I try to create a 3D room from my linked model it keeps crashing but lets say i did have three D rooms, how would I be able to Itemize which rooms have which items in it, and what the properties of those items are? Thanks!


You need to post your work also so that others can understand your problem.
Read this post on how to get help on dynamo forum How to get help on the Dynamo forums

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Hello, Here you can see it crashing… But in theory, this would get all my 3D rooms would it not?

How many rooms you have in your linked file?
And also i noticed your graph is not proper currently your feeding one link instance but multiple links doc. You need to use one link instance and one link doc from “Get Documents” node.

I have a couple thousand rooms. I tried that but then I realized that I only wanted to import the rooms from the architectural model and not the others, because they might have rooms by mistake how do I do that exactly?