Adding room parameters to families in linked file

Hello Dynamo Forum,

I have recently discovered Aussie BIM Guru’s @GavinCrump helpful video which is doing exactly what I need.

I have found if I use then same nodes at the begining, for the linked rooms I can’t extract the rooms parameters so have swapped it out for Steam Nodes ‘Element.GetFromLinkedFile’ which seems to do the trick.

My only problem now is that the script reports a different Room Name and Number to that shown in the model. I’ve checked the centroid in the model and it appears to be in the right location.

Is this something to do with the ‘Element.Geometry’ or ‘Geometry.DoesIntersect’ node maybe? and if so is there a way of clashing the Rooms bounding box with the Family instance centroid as opposed to it geometry?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Make sure when taking screenshots that you have node preview bubbles or Watch nodes visible. Otherwise we have no idea what’s going on in your graph. Is your number of Room elements equal to the number of Room geometries?

Thanks for your reply @Nick_Boyts, I have added watch nodes and expanded some nodes to reveal what they are reporting and can see that room elelments are not equal to room geometries. Would this sugget that some are duplicated? What would you suggest to resolve this issue?

Well you have more geometry than rooms which means you can’t flatten the list of geometry because it’s not a one-to-one comparison of rooms to geometries. You may also have unplaced rooms which would return null from the geometry (and probably why it has a warning). You need to filter any unplaced rooms first and then get the geometry. But instead of flattening the room geometry, you need to keep the list structure and check any geometries for intersections.

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