Room Data To Adjacent Wall


ich habe versucht, Daten aus einem Raum an eine angrenzende Wand zu übermitteln.
Das hat mit der Fläche auch funktioniert.
Jedoch bei dem Raumnamen, hatte ich kein Ergebnis? Hat jemand eine Idee




es wir nicht einfach hier Hilfe auf deutsch zu bekommen, die meisten sprechen Englisch!

Zu deinem Problem:
( The instance parameter “Name” is not there, try “Typ” )

Es gibt bei Wänden keinen Exemplarparameter “Name”. Versuch es mal mit “Typ”.

Hi Johannes,

danke für die Nachricht und die Meldung der Sprache :-), hab ich wohl vergessen zu übersetzen.
Ich wollte auch gerne den Exemplarparameter Name aus dem angrenzenden Raum, in einen Textparameter der Wand schreiben…


I was too fast, if you want to write the room name to the wall parameter, there has to be a different way.

I test the easy way, but it doesent’t get the right version

It will not work if a wall belongs to more than one room.

I edited the post title to English, please try and stick to that instead of German as possible so things like the search feature are functional for all users in the future. Also helps to get answers and keep discussions by maintaining a steady language.

It looks like you are trying to get room names to the walls, but will have a data structure issue when walls have two, or fifty rooms. If you need all rooms for all walls, you may want to try to group the room names to each wall using a sort by key or similar function, and then turn the list of names into a single string if you need all room names. You may also want to include the mark/number while you are at it as there will likely be many ‘closets’ in the project.

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it will be not the right way.
I#M surching for an workflow, to get informations from the room, connectet with walls. I would like the roomnumber in an seperate parameter.
And secondly, I would like to make views of the contact surface wall by room, like the different material

for example,

have you an idear, how i get examples?

What if a wall has three rooms which it bounds? Five? Twenty? For this reason I would recommend you use one parameter for all room names and include numbers.

Something like this should work:

<a class=“attachment”

I don’t have time to do up a script of creating elevations at this time, but I am fairly certain a search would provide some good starting points.

no problem
I will search more time, an I get new idears…