Set Room Name from Room Boundaries

Hi there,


I’m trying to set the name of the room in all the elements of the room using Room.boundaries node, but it do sth wrong… Any help?

Looks like you are trying to set a Type parameter to instanced elements. Try using the “SetParameterByName” node instead of the “SetTypeParameter”.

You will need to be careful with this definition as one wall can be the boundary of multiple rooms, so it will not be totally accurate. I think you may need some design code or Python to have all the rooms that a wall bounds listed into the comments (so Wall A comments = Room 1, Room 2, Room 3 : Wall B comments = Room 2) etc.


Thks Alisder,

I did what you said with the setparametrebyname node and still doen’t work. If I create a string it works perfectlly, but I need a list of Rooms, not one value.

What you said is ok, but I’ve created some finishing walls which are the boundary of one and only room.


If I insert a Firstitem node, it works for the first item, but I would want for all the rooms


Well, I’m not sure how it works, but I did what I wanted.


The secret was the list chop and in the setparametrebyname node change lacing to longest.