How would you filter a list based on which room/space it is in?

Would you have to individually search each item in the list for its xyz coordinates and see if it’s in the room? I feel like there’s a much easier way to do it.

If they are family instance, you can query the instances for their room.

Rhythm has a node for this, FamilyInstance.Room.

It comes out as null.

Have you tried enabling room calculation point?

Went into the family and enabled it but it still shows up as null.

Well then. :unamused:

You can try using an archilab node.

What kind of object do you want to filter ?
I suggest you to assign to them a new project parameter, and then, to use the node “GroupByKey”, it retreives lists based on the parameter you chose (here, we can imagne you set up a “Room” parameter). As a result you’ll have one list for each different value of the parameter (room id)