Room Data From Link Models write to Elements

Hi all, I am currently trying to adopt a script from this link:
to extract room name and room number from the link models and write into elements in the current model, unfortunately, there is an error at the “element.SetParameterByName” showing:

Warning: No function called SetParameterByName on a Function that takes __array,Function could be found
and the output node from Bakery node “ElementsInRoom” shows “Function”.

Hope there will be a solution for this, thank you!

Does the “Link Rooms Collect Elements” node just need a third input? Some nodes require all of their inputs to be filled else they’ll output a function rather than data. Even if you’re don’t need the parameter data, just slap a third parameter in there to fulfill all the inputs and see if the node fires properly.

Thanks for looking into the issue! I have followed every step from the abovementioned link but errors still exist.

Hello @Cirrus022 ,

This is not a node problem,
can you try with this method,
select the link file and click on edit type

then select/click Room Bounding option.

then run your script