Add roomnumber to elements within linked roomobjects. Node returns "Function"

Pretty new to Dynamo.

Trying to add “Room number” from linked model to a parameter on elements in the rooms.

Found some topics and help here. But I’m running into trouble.

Using the node “Collect Elements in Rooms and Show Detailed List” from Bakery it only returns “Function” from the node… The input looks correct. I do not have any redundant or unplaced rooms.

Revit 2019.2

fill in the parameters ElementParameterOne and ElementParameterTwo

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Hi Akli!
Thanks, that was simple. It worked!
However, it only works on Windows and Furniture…

When I try Walls, Doors, Ceiling it returns “0. Null”. Any idea?

Doors and walls typically aren’t IN the room, but define the room’s limits. Even if they didn’t, which room would you want them to return? The one on this side of the wall, or the one on that one?

Hi Jacob, @jacob.small
That is a good point!
However, I have only 4 big rooms created with room boundary lines on each floor.
So each “room” is more like 3D-zones containing several rooms, walls, doors, etc.
I want to tag objects within the zone for scheduling and logistics.
I have tried several plugins that use 3D-masses to assign parameters but each tool did take to long/ crashed etc. Figured I need to tailor-made something in Dynamo instead :slight_smile: .

But maybe the custom Node I’m using won’t allow objects that can be within several Rooms? That makes sense.

That would be my guess. You could pull every door’s ‘to room’ and ‘from room’ parameter pretty easily, so that will solve that. Then you can get walls by getting a point along the location line (say the midpoint) and using a room at point (archilab I think) node to find the room there. Ceilings would work the same as the walls, but with a point at UV parameter on their lower face defining the point. Solid “model in place” families of any category can likely just use the centroid of the geometry.

Other items will likely have a similar issue - stairs, pipes, windows, beams, conduit, ducts, floors, etc (so most system families). With some knowledge of how items are created in Revit and their typical relationship to the room, the methods above can likely be repurposed to get this info for any category.

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Alright Thank you!
Sounds a bit complicated for my level but I’ll give it a try. Thank you for helping.

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