How to get the coodinatess of the rooms in Revit with Dynamo

I am trying to get the for coordinates of each room in my building projects (rectangular room) but I cannot manage to do it, can anyone get me a hand?
Thanks in advance

Try searching the forum :slight_smile:

This topic could be an option.

You can use Element.Geometry to get the Room as a volumen.

You could try Element.Geometry on the rooms, get bottom surface , explode into lines,Curve.StartPoint on all of them and you get corner coordinates, for the center one, Surface.PointAtParameters 0,5;0,5 .

Try something like this:

Thanks, Johannes, But I am unsure why I cannot fins Level. Plane this node, could you tell me what to search in the nodes library.

This is from the package "Clockwork:

Hi there Johannes

I have tried using your graph, but I seem to get only empty lists, do you know why that is?

are the rooms placed on the level test niveau?
if not then that could be the problem

Did you ever solve this?

Hi there Nachazo

Unfortunatly not…