Room boundaries, remove everything thats not ceilings

Hello everybody,

Im trying to create an excel spreadsheet with room numbers, room names and ceiling types from Revit.

For that im using the Room.boundaries from ClockWork package, and the result is a list with, ceilings, walls, floors, seperation lines etc. Basicly all room bounding elements. How can i remove all elements except the ceilings from my list, without messing with the structure on my list? Its very important that the ceilings i being linkes back to the right room. Setup as show on the uploaded image. So far ive triede to do what i want in the part where the red line is shown.

Feel free to ask questions, add feedback, improvements etc.


Element.FilterByCategory from Chynamo will help

The problem with Element.filterByCategory is that some room dosent contain ceiling boundaries. see picture below:

The result is the rooms without ceilings is removed from the list and the list is messed compared to the Room list im trying to set the ceilings up with. I think i need to replace the elements in the room boundaries list with some kind of null value to create an empty cell in my Excel spredsheet.

You could try to use String.Contains and FilterByBoolMask. That way, in the rooms with no ceiling you get empty lists you can replace withe the Clockwork node ReplaceEmptyLists

Hey Joan,

The picture you uploaded is hard to read, can you please try uploade again? :slight_smile:

Ill try the String.Contains, but i think ive allready triede clean it out that way.

Just to mention, there are some ReplaceNull nodes in Clockwork or DanEDU Dynamo

Thanks for the replies. Ill try the solutions over the weekend :slight_smile: