Room area with under wall cut wall area

How can I read in dynamo wall that make boundaries of room?

Its wall inside wall and used cut tools…here you can see niche…need this area.


Hi @P_Fiala

Try this:

then how can I get room area…here you have one boundaries…

@P_Fiala Could you please drop rvt file here.

test_dvere_z mistnosti.rvt (1.5 MB)
here is file with room …

I need room area with windows with sill=0, curtain wall bottom of area niche.

I can only add area of the door in a wall…but not wall in wall with door.


@P_Fiala Could you consider not embedding the curtain wall?
If you do so the Room takes the niches into account.

But you split the wall and insert some small thinn wall with door…its too hard modeling if you have big project.