Road profile including tunnel and bridge with 4D

Dear all,

I have received one Road project with tunnel and bridge with 4D simulation so i am planning to do by using dynamo ,

Is it possible to do total project by using dynamo ? if any body have road and tunnel and bridge experience in dynamo…please suggest me

sure you can … Use adaptive component family and let dynamo links between civil 3d model and Revit to accomplish it.

you can use the package Dynabridge for that:

In the case of modelling using dynamo will be helpful
For 4D simulation, I prefer Navisworks than the dynamo

Thank you for information but I received only cad drawings form design consultant and 1 st time we are using BIM for road project in India so everyone existing on 4D simulation and 5D …how I can proceed with cad files ?

What type of input we need to run the project …if I upload cad file coordination points it’s located different place in Revit…how I can proceed,

Yes…I will check with video…and get back to you

Thank you very much

I hope this presentation help youClassPresentationCES321585JimCrabtree.pdf (2.3 MB)