Road markings as BIM objects to IFC

Hello, what is your preferred way to create road markings, if you know it should be part of your BIM model with 2D area property in exported IFC? TIN surfaces, 3D solids, or…?

Hi @Drbohlav,

I would create Solids through Dynamo using the Solid.BySweep (and Solid.ByUnion) node and then export those into your Civil3D.

Hi, after some time I tried to make dashed road lines (3D solids) from Civil 3D feature lines. I have test file where are 2 feature lines with length around 250m. When I set inputs for line length and space length around 50m everything works well. When I set inputs for line and space length to 1m it does not work. I think that my solution is not optimal. Could anyone help me how to optimize this? Any tip or trick is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


I found solution in this node:

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