Rhythm - Workset.Create


Hi John,

I was trying to create workset using your “Workset.Create” node by some reason its giving me null. Below is the Screenshot.



Try running manual and exiting the workset window in revit




Thanks John,

For replying. I tried to Run Manual still i get null values. I am using Revit 2015. I am trying to update to R2 and see the difference.


Yes R2 is required. Autodesk added this functionality at that release.



John, I’m trying to set the workset of wall elements. I can’t seem to get it to work, any ideas? I’m using rhythm “element set parameterByName(CaSe iNsensitive)” and getting null


Workset Change not working


You need to send it a workset id (integer)



Thanks for the response. It seems to work but it only moves one element to the correct workset. Any ideas? I’m testing it on walls. Workset Change not working2


On the setparameter node set the lacing to longest (right click on node toggle to longest) and it will do it for all elements selected.


Thanks, that was what I was missing. Thanks for your help. Such a great tool but I’m still learning.


No problem. That’s why we’re all here!

:slight_smile: as long as you’re having fun!


I can’t stop, I should be doing other work…


John - I’m having issues with the workset.create node.

I’m running Revit 2016 R2 - is it compatible with this version?


Revit 2015 R2? It should work on everything after that.