Rhythm Wall Direction Node

Has anyone had any success using this node? If so could you point out what I’m doing wrong? Thanks,

ComCheck04TestingAllSmallBuilding01.dyn (71.9 KB)

Provide some more of your outputs. Your graph screenshot doesn’t tell anyone who can help what you are feeding in, etc. (For instance, in-place walls are most definitely not going to work).

Additionally, a sample RVT would be great.

Here is how I have used the node before.

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I have attached the Revit File as John has requesed.

Project1.rvt (1.4 MB)

Modifiers.SetColor actually changes your ribbon color. :sweat_smile:

What are you trying to do with the nodes? are you wanting to set a parameter or something?

I saw that, but I thought it was entertaining. :grin:
I’m want to set a the ComCheck_Idnetifier parameter based on the cardinal directions.

I have been able to use the Wall.Direction node to write a project parameter “Orientation” to exterior walls using this script. The only problem is that the node seems to randomly read the directions rotated 45 degrees. Once a parameter is written to the walls you can use the FamilyInstance.GetHost to write the direction to your windows and doors as well for your COMCheck model.

Images is not clear. Best to start new thread with all the clear images and relevant files.

First time posting, didn’t realize the node titles were not showing. I updated the post and image to clarify.

The exact logic for that node is on Github, if you were interested in digging into how it works it out…

Thanks for pointing out the node on Github but I am new to Dynamo and don’t know how to evaluate that level of code. I was able to get it working by using some other nodes and so far it works great. It doesn’t write the parameter to sub walls in staked walls but otherwise does what I need it to without errors!

No worries! I figured it was worth noting though. :slight_smile: I do know that the logic starts to have issues when there are in place walls, curved walls, etc.