Rhythm version i.r.t. elements.setparameter valuebynamecaseseinsitive

Hi All,

I made a script in Revit 2021 with use of the Rhythm package version 2022.11.2 using the node: “ʳʰʸᵗʰᵐ|Elements.SetParameterValueByNameCaSeiNSeNSiTiVe”

In our company we work on some long lasting projects that still relies on revit 2020.
But installing the Rhythm package version 2022.11.2 on revit 2020 gives the message this was developped in a higher dynamo version, i did still instal that version. but the node get’s marked as unresolved.
see images below.

@john_pierson @solamour @jacob.small what could be the problem? or which version of Rhythm does work with the mentioned Dynamo version and the mentioned node?

Many thanks in advance.

Gr Edward

Hmm, I’ve been seeing a few things with compatibility that far back as I mostly support 21,22,23 lately. Let me see which version works for you.

But for now, if you know the case of the parameter, I would recommend just using the OOTB node as that node was meant for initial exploration.

If I get a new release out that supports 2020 easily I’ll let you know.



thanks for your reply. I found the version that works, i’m now using 2020.1.24

Gr Edward

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