Close Open Document from Rhythm Node

I have been trying to create a node where it Open Revit document in the background (Rhythm) apply action on it and then the action followed by the close document. (believing the file will not close by itself after opening it and if I have to open 100’s of them then it creates load on the system) I am trying to create a series where open first file in the directory apply action and close following open next file and apply same action and close and so on. But, for some reason, my close node is not working. I dont know how to bypass the close node error “Warning: Application.CloseDocument operation failed. Close is not allowed when there is any open sub-transaction, transaction or transaction group.” Please let me know any thoughts. Thank you!

did you implement the close node after you had activated the graph once? or some other behaviour where you had background open documents?

then close and open you graph once more to run it, then everything should work as intended.