Copy detached Central file to Revit server location

I am trying to open a detached Revit model from the local folder to the Revit server file location.
I am getting error .refer following image for the same.

Is anyone has any solution for the same?

Thanks in Advance.


Try using string node instead of code block.

Try using this python:

String node is also not working for the Revit server location.
Local folder location works perfectly.

Might be a permissions issue in the server - remember that file structure is VERY different.

I get following error message while saving files to Revit server path.

It clear to see that the issue is with the path and as @JacobSmall mentioned maybe permissions.

Don’t even know if you can refer to something like RSN://

Hi I had the same goal and managed to save to Revit Server using an Orchid Node.
But I can´t synchronize after saving.
Maybe someone knows a solution.

this is my graph

OpenFileFromRervitServerAndSaveOnServerSync.dyn (53.8 KB)


Orchid documents are not compatible with other custom nodes that use Autodesk.DB.Document (API class document)
Does it work with the Rhythm OpenDocumentFile ?

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I can open the files but I can’t save the files back on the revit server.