Rhythm - Dimension.DisplayValueString - Dynamo 2.12

Hi. I’m having trouble with Rhythms Dimension.DisplayValueString (R2022 Dynamo 2.12) returning nulls.
This graph worked fine until I updated it for use in R2022. The package was updated to version 2022.3.3 in the update. Any ideas how to get things working again?

@scott.tomlinson, it work in R22 and package version 2022.1.2:

OK, thanks. I’ll try that package version. This was R2020 Dynamo 2.3 - all working ok.

What does the error say?

I think I’m getting to the bottom of it. It’s not working on a colleagues PC - I think they haven’t been keeping on top of their Revit updates :upside_down_face:

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Actually, scratch that last post. There still seems to be a problem, which seems to occur only when a dimension type displaying non whole numbers is used. Both of the images below were taken from the same Revit project, with different dimension types used.
Whole number dimensions:

Dimensions displaying decimal fractions:

Again, this appears to be a problem only in R2022. This wasn’t a problem in R2020.

Rhythm’s latest update addresses the DLL thing.

Thanks @john_pierson … that’s sorted it :+1: