Hi all dynamo users,
I would like to use Rhynamo to import geometry from 3dm files to Revit families but I don’t have Rhyno license. Do you know if I can use rhynamo without installing Rhyno or there is a free version of Rhyno?

Thanks in advance,
Pascasio Blasco

Rhino needs to be installed to use it. I would recommend asking in the Rhino forums if there is a free version.

Rhino needs to be installed to use it

I don’t think this is true.

the reason for open nurbs to exist is to implement import/export capability without Rhino. Now I have no idea what licensing requirements are and sometimes they are not logical - so double checking with McNeel is not a bad idea.

McNeel is quite generous in that you can get a 90 day trial (if it turns out that you need it installed

After the 90 days, it drops back to be a viewer, same as Revit trial