RhinoTranslationToDS.Rhino-ExtrusionToDS NODE ISSUE

Hi There,
I Have a little issue in the link with a Node which name “RhinoTranslationToDS…”!:sweat:
Indeed, I would like to create a facade from Rhino to Revit, so I used the same script that last time and it worked
but it was a simple polyline extrusion!
Here the shape is just a bit more complicated but not so much!
If you have tips For me, it could be really nice of you!
Thank you very much!:wink:

Creation floors and walls from polycurves V2.dyn (334.6 KB)
façade.3dm (535.3 KB)

Hi @miathou,

Here is another method :

Creation floors and walls from polycurves V3.dyn (81.3 KB)

Thank Very much Alban!
So, It works but not totally!:disappointed_relieved:
Indeed, walls are not totally adapt to the shape.
There are straight, not tilted for certain part of the shape!:sweat_smile:
We have to find a solution for this!:wink:

You must create a mass for sloping walls and use the Wall by face function/node.

You should make an example in Revit to understand how the function works.

Yes I’m gonna try that!
Just to recap : I have to creat a Mass in Révit and use a wall.byface node in this script connected with the “wall.ByCurveAndHeight” or connected to “Polycurve.Curves”
Am I correct?:neutral_face:

There is no more need for Wall.ByCurveAndHeight node. The inputs of Wall.ByFace node are a surface (of a mass) and a type of wall.

So it’s two different script!
But could I generate the whole facade with this process?

I never use Rhino files so I discover like you the workflow.

Ok! Thank you very much for your Help!:wink:
I’ll keep in touch to tell you if it’s working!:wink:

So the Wall.ByFace node doesn’t seem to work in this case.
However once you have a family mass in Revit, you can use the Revit wall by face function.

Creation walls from rhino mass.dyn (13.6 KB)

I was wondering why the Wall.ByFace node was not working.
I found that if the mass have no defined Work Plane, the node doesn’t work.

So the solution is to place the Mass family on a Work Plane to create the walls.